Welcome to Shane Davis Tower Painting, Inc.
Shane Davis Tower Painting, Inc. is a Professional Tower Painting Company. We specialize in a variety of painting services:
  • Spray-Painting Tall Towers, Towers with Extreme Liability
  • Tower Coating Restoration
  • Sandblasting
  • Needle Gun Rust Removal
  • Lead Paint Containment

The most effective method for painting towers is using spray paint. Compared to traditional painting methods, spray-painting creates dry dust fallout. But by using proper protection, the ultra-fine dust particles produced while spray painting is not a cause for concern. Spray painting has many benefits over traditional painting methods. For instance, it decreases the chances of paint damage liability and provides streak-free, uniform coatings. The resulting coat gives a longer life to the finished product. Shane Davis Tower Painting Inc. has the skills to effectively perform this highly controlled paint application on towers of all sizes.

Prior to painting, the removal of old paint may be necessary before the application of new tower paint. Sandblasting and needle gun restoration is needed for towers in harsh environments where galvanizing has failed. Tower containment is necessary for lead paint removal. Shane Davis Tower Painting, Inc. has the equipment and experience necessary to do all of these types of work.

Today, Shane Davis Tower Painting, Inc. specializes in painting and sand-blasting towers on rooftops and other congested tower locations where extreme liability exists. Our team of tower painters also has extensive experience painting and sandblasting water towers and other tall structures for juice companies and co-generation power plants.

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